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Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday or Gotcha Day! 

Throw a wag-worthy party for your favorite pooch with these fun and easy ideas. 

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image of a dog wearing a party hat

The day your dog became a member of your family is a day worth celebrating! Throwing a simple party for your four-legged pal is a great way to mark the occasion and look back on all the love that has since filled your lives. Here's what to consider when putting together a celebration befitting your very best buddy. 

Whip up a guest list. 

A party is the perfect excuse to hang with your favorite pals, and your dog's! Invite your pup's best buds or special human friends to celebrate with you. Just make sure any dogs you invite have already been introduced to each other and get along well. New introductions can be stressful, and this party is all about good vibes and giving your pooch the best day ever!


Pick a pup-friendly location.

When you’ve got the guest list down, pick a spot that’s safe for pups to run around and easy for Pet Parents to keep an eye out, like your friends’ backyard.

Get into a theme. 
Everyone knows theme parties are at least 200% more enjoyable. Check out your local pet store or shop online for cute, on-theme napkins, plates, and other party supplies. This is also the perfect opportunity to buy your pup that adorable costume you’ve been eyeing.

Pupsicles or pupcakes? Decide on dessert. 
Your dog appreciates a good dessert just as much as you do. Find a local bakery that specializes in baked goods for doggies, or find a vet-approved recipe to make at home. No dog-friendly bakeries around? Let your pup pick out a new treat at your favorite pet store. Remember to keep the portions small, and adjust his other feedings accordingly. 
Fetch the perfect gift. 

Make your pal’s day with the gift of a special new toy, stuffie, or puzzle game. Interactive toys that you and your dog can play with together are great for increasing the bond between you. You can also go practical and get a new piece of gear your dog needs, like a leash, booties, or rain jacket. 

Pay it forward by giving back.  
Instead of accepting gifts, have friends donate to your local ASPCA or another shelter in your region. If you adopted your pup from a shelter, it's a thoughtful way to recognize and support the team that gave your dog another chance to thrive. These donations help other pups find their own loving, forever homes.   
No matter how you choose to celebrate, as long you focus on your dog and his happiness, it’s sure to be a success.